On tour march 2023

Baest & Blast Open will hit Iberia
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out now!

The new album by Blast Open  “Spitting Blood” is out now!
Nine songs of pure metal, it´s released as a jewelcase CD.

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cover & tracklist

The new album is coming!
It will be titled "Spitting Blood" and will include nine tracks:
Riding On A Dead Horse
Fallen Angel
Pray Without Fear
Pool of blood
Cross Hate
A Light Behind The Darkness
The Ball Of The World
Trying To Escape

Artwork by Alejandro Blasi

"Spitting Blood" will be released in may 2022 via Suspiria Records 
Single 2022

trying to escape

Fear, anguish, illusion, delusions, tension... 's new single is now available.

Get “Trying to Escape” here:
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New video release

"Pray Without Fear"
A dark look at religion colured red and black.

“Where the sky falls
inside the abyss
I´ll fight to meet my soul
and come to you”

Single 2022


“Pray Without Fear” is here, the second single from Blast Open's upcoming album. Another whiplash that gives continuity to “Riding On A Dead Horse” and that shows that what is coming our way with the new album is serious business. We already have “Pray Without Fear” on our playlists, what about you?

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Riding On A Dead Horse

First single of the upcoming album

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"... Dehumanization continues on the back of destruction..."

SPAIN 2022


Blast Open signs with Suspiria Records!

[EN] Blast Open is a Metal band from Asturias formed in 2008 by seasoned musicians from the Asturian metal scene. In 2010 they released their first two songs in demo format, “Lost” and “Bad to Worse”. In October 2012 they released their debut album titled “They Destroy Our World”. To support the album and tour, they release the video “Blinded” and participate in the WOA METAL BATTLE SPAIN 2013, qualifying for the final.
Their second album is "Beyond The Hope" (2016). Thanks to it they get numerous mentions and awards. They have shared the stage with Vicious Rumors, Primal Fear, Havok, Crisix, Evile, Mnemic, Vita Imana, Teksuo and Memoriam among many others. Their new album will be released in 2022 with nine songs where the band's style expands into new sonic fields of metal and will be edited and distributed by Suspiria Records.

Blast Open es un combo de Metal de Asturias formado en 2008 por curtidos músicos de la escena metal Asturiana. En 2010 editan sus dos primeros temas en formato demo, “Lost” y “Bad to Worse”. En Octubre 2012 editan su álbum debut titulado “They Destroy Our World”. Como apoyo al álbum y gira, editan el video-clip del tema “Blinded” y participan en la W:O:A Metal Battle Spain 2013, clasificándose para la final. Su segundo disco es “Beyond The Hope” (2016). Gracias a él consiguen numerosas menciones y premios. Han compartido escenario con Vicious Rumors, Primal Fear, Havok, Crisix, Evile, Mnemic, Vita Imana, Teksuo y Memoriam entre otros. Su nuevo trabajo se editará en 2022 con nueve canciones donde el estilo de la banda se amplía en nuevos terrenos sonoros del metal y será editado y distribuido por Suspiria Records.